Start to DJ

DJ HAPA Hal Leonard Pioneer


  • Campus Coach Certification and License (12 months) – Level 1-3
  • 40 copies of First 50 DJ Techniques
  • 20 workbooks for all 3 student levels
  • 10 Pioneer FLX4 DJ controllers (includes headphones)
  • The DJ Coach Staff Support (per 8 Sessions)
  • 20 iPad apps for students



The classroom course offers three instruction levels with components sold through retailers. It uses mixed media, including books, audio and video, and it provides a teacher’s guide and a student physical workbook to provide an engaging experience to get students making and mixing beats quickly. The program can provide DJ gear as a lab station bundle or product can be ordered separately. Gear and software options include products by Pioneer DJ, Serato, Samson, Mackie and Gibraltar.

The course management is developed and executed by Hapa Perdue, a 25-year veteran of performance and teaching. Known as DJ Hapa, he has built online DJ education with elementary, middle, high school and college programs. He is the author of “First 50 DJ Techniques,” which serves as the cornerstone for the classroom method.


Start to DJ, Levels 1-3

Up to 80% of kids aren’t involved with school music programs, but we know that most kids love music.How can we get these kids involved with learning the basics of music theory while implanting a lifelong passion for music making? That’s the goal of the new “Start to DJ” program! Developed by DJ education veteran DJ Hapa, this unique cohestive DJ learning program offers three instruction levels with brand-name gear, proven instruction, and complete support for teachers.

First 50 DJ Techniques

From old-school vinyl records to today’s all-digital music platforms, the modern DJ has a huge variety of choices and information to navigate.Look no further than this unique book and video reference guide by seasoned pro DJ Hapa, who provides a wealth of insider tips, tricks, and techniques for DJs of all skill levels, covering topics such as: DJ controllers, CDJs and vinyl; choosing gear; beats, bars & phrases; inputs/ outputs; using FX; basic scratching; sampling and looping; transitions & beatmatching; and more.

FLX4 DJ Controller

The DDJ-FLX4 is a 2-channel controller with a simple, user-friendly design and a professional feel.

Samson SR350 headphones

Samson’s SR350 Stereo Headphones provide quality bass performance and excellent sound isolation in a lightweight, over- ear design.The wide cushioning on its ear pads and adjustable headband provide serious comfort, while a low- profile fit makes the SR350s ideal for everything from home listening to fitness applications.

djay - DJ App and Mixer

Welcome to djay Pro! Algoriddim’s acclaimed DJ software and winner of multiple Apple Design Awards has been redesigned from the ground up. Connect your Apple Music account to access over 100 million songs, including your entire personal music library in the cloud, from within djay Pro!


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